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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and its clearest answers. Read carefully and, if you still have any questions, we will be glad to give you an answer.

What are the requirements to rent a home?

As a general rule, we request the last three pay slips, a permanent employment contract, the last IRPF and a copy of your DNI or NIE.

Depending on the characteristics of each person, we will adapt to different requirements.

For the self-employed: the income tax forms.

For foreigners: the models of their country of origin.

What’s included in my rental fee?

The monthly fee includes all expenses, i. e. the price of the apartment, the IBI tax and other general costs for the proper maintenance of the flat and the building.

In addition, the parking place, plus an optional storage room are included.

Concierge service, maintenance of all facilities and access to common areas.

Not included in the rental fee: Internet and energy facilities, which are hired by the property on its behalf and re-billed to the tenant, based on consumption, together with the rent.

What services are included?

Renting a property gives you the right to enjoy all the common services offered by the residential: gym, meeting room, coworking area, swimming pool, playground, etc. In addition to all the extra services that the property decides to install, such as smart lockers for your online orders.

How long will my contract last?

The answer is a minimum of 1 year from the signature of the contract. After this time, the contract will be extended in 6 additional periods of 1 year until the maximum duration of 7 years is reached. At the end of the 7-year term, unless neither party has given notice to the other —at least 4 months’ notice in the case of the Lessor, and 2 months’ notice in the case of the Lessee— of its intention to terminate the lease, the lease may be extended by annual instalments up to a maximum of 3 years. After this 3-year period, the lease will be terminated.

How can I terminate my contract?

You can terminate your contract after 6 months have elapsed since you signed it, provided that you have warned us 30 days in advance, with a one-month penalty per year remaining to be fulfilled.

How should I make the monthly payments?

Rent will be billed to tenants and will be debited in all cases.

Is the apartment furnished?

No, the apartments are delivered unfurnished, even though the kitchens are fully equipped with high-end, energy efficient appliances and modern design furniture with large storage capacity.

Is my pet welcome?

Of course, pets are welcome. Because, if your pet is important to you, it is also important to us. Please make sure you are aware of the community rules regarding pet behaviour.

Are tenants accepted in shared housing terms?

We will study each particular case.

Can a flat be rented in the name of a company for an employee?

Yes, that can be done, provided that the name of the worker who will occupy the apartment is stated, and any change in this respect is notified.

How many months of deposit should I have to pay in advance?

As a general rule, only 1 month deposit. Depending on the circumstances, we could choose to extend guarantees for the approval of the property.

How is the deposit used, and when will I be able to recover it?

The deposit is placed with the competent official agency, through the locally established agreement system.

We know how important it is to return the deposit as quickly as possible, so once the contract is terminated, the deposit will be returned within the legal period of 1 month after the return of keys and in the same conditions with which the delivery was made.

Do I have to hire an insurance?

We have a building insurance that covers damages that affect the property. However, you will have to hire the contents and third party liability insurance that covers your own furniture and belongings.

What happens if something breaks down? Who repairs it?

Under the L.A.U. (Law of Urban Rentals), lease agreements state who is responsible for repairs. You will have to take care of minor repairs due to ordinary wear and tear or misuse of the property, including household appliances.

You will have to notify the property of any infringement or new damage that a third party may have caused.

When I have a breakdown emergency, who do I call?

All incidents are managed through an incident-management app. For emergencies, you can also contact the concierge, who will have an action protocol with a phone number available.